Whats juliyah's tumvlr?

it’s ikilledalaska :)

Its not sshilba its shibal lmao

are you dumb or just pretending? It wasn’t even supposed to be a korean “fuck” ㅡㅡ

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That boy in the gif that you said "hottie in the building"... he's Zayn Malik of One Direction.

it’s him? omg for a minute i thought that maybe it’s him but then i was like, nah i don’t remember that he was THAT smokin’ hooot. daaayyyyyuuuum
Thanks anon ;)

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Tropical Storm Looks #깊게 #Stussy #Bape (at Kuhio Avenue)

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[HQ] Kim Won Joong for Dazed and Confused 1340x1786

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Toxic Smoke, Nigeria 
Ed Kashi for National Geographic

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